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                                                       REVIEW - CHUCK DA ARSONIST

                                              BY BRETT STEWART - BRETTSTEWART.NET




      In this review, I’m going to be digging into six tracks from the hip-hop rap artist, Chuck Da Arsonist. In                             recent years, Chuck has made a name for himself performing in an array of cities and states, putting out  

      a number of records and mixtapes, and collaborating with quite a few other notable performers. Now, the                       independent hip-hop and rap scene is incredibly oversaturated. There’s a lot of music coming out of it, and

      in honesty, most of it is pretty poor. How does Chuck Da Arsonist stand up to that stigma?


      Fortunately, Chuck knocks any worries you may have about the quality of his productions right out of the

      park with ‘You Used to Love Me,’ a track featuring the artist Aaliyah.

      Man, this is a well produced jam. I love the beats, I love Arsonist’s delivery, and I also really dig Aaliyah’s                       contributions. He’s got a bit of Jay-Z sound to him, but it’s also all original. You never want to be the ‘next’

      anything. You want to behe next you. Chuck pays homage to his influences but he doesn’t sound too much like

      them. That’s a perfect way to go about things.Even though nearly all of the tracks I’m reviewing of Chuck’s are               produced by different parties, they’re all exceptionally produced.


     ‘Threat’ is a powerhouse of a track. The sparse usage of an electric guitar is fantastic; I love when a hip-hop

     artist uses other instruments that aren’t just your typical beats. The electric guitar and killer harmonies on

     ‘Threat’ make it a very notable outing.


     ‘Best Kept Secret’ elevates Chuck Da Arsonist past the typical hip-hop artist. This track is funky as hell. The                  fantastic percussion and monumentally epic brass section seep with James Brown influence. It’s absolutely

     great and it may be my favorite track of Chuck’s. The excellent ‘Can’t Sleep On Em’ does contend for that

     position, though. I love the mood of that track.


     ‘Get The Glory,’ a collaboration with producer and performer Jett DaVett is a very rewarding mixture. Chuck                    outshines Jett, but both hold their own against a simplistic production that works very well with their sound.

     ‘Son of Charles.’ a track produced by Cardiak, utilizes an excellent mixture of synthesizers and percussion.

      Also, it has a hauntingly beautiful string section. Seriously, it’s gorgeous.


     Chuck Da Arsonist is one of, if not the, best independent hip-hop or rap artists I’ve heard thus far this year.

     His productions are remarkably high quality, his collaborations rewarding, and his talent unparalleled.

     He’s certainly got a good thing going.

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