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The New Face of The D.C. Area’s Hip-Hop Scene 

Many know the musical community around Washington D.C for either Go-Go music or punk. There is a growing hip-hop community as well, one which the upcoming artist Chuck Da Arsonist is slowly becoming the new face of the DMV area.

Chuck Da Arsonist is the moniker of Charles Taylor, a man who was born in Washington D.C. and raised in southern Maryland. Growing up, music surrounded Chuck Taylor at all times. His mother would play artists like Stephanie Mills, Mickie Howard, Howard Hewitt, Luther Vandross, and Lionel Richie. Thus, very early on in his life Chuck Da Arsonist found his love for music. Watching his father at the head of his family also instilled the good business values Taylor is becoming so synonymous with.

Once Chuck Da Arsonist heard Eric B. & Rakim’s ‘I Ain’t No Joke,’ he was hooked on hip-hop. At that point, he began to pen his own rhymes and songs. This was his calling. At the age of nine, Chuck Da Arsonist won his first talent show and fell in love with the stage and performing. By sixteen, he became a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop scene.

In the years following, Chuck Da Arsonist would form the group P.T.A. (Phfeel Tha Arsonist.) The group became one of the only hip-hop groups in the DMV area to make a name for themselves. Since then, Chuck Taylor has opened as Chuck Da Arsonist for acts such as Lil Kim, Junior Mafia, M.O.P, 112, Craig Mack, Boot Camp Click, and Tracey Lee.

His solo career began whilst he was performing in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Texas, and California. Chuck Da Arsonist was named one of the EZ Street’s favorite artists in the area, and he’s been nominated for an award as one of the top regional underground hip-hop artists of 2015.

In 2015, Chuck Da Arsonist signed a distribution deal with Universal/Capitol Records’ Caroline Distribution under Try-Angle Entertainment. Chuck Da Arsonist has now begun his own venture with his new label properly named "Da Bidnesz Ent." Thus, audiences can expect much from Chuck Da Arsonist in the years to come. He isn’t just a hip-hop artist: he’s a vocalist, a graphic artist, songwriter, and engineer. He’s poised to be the next big artist hailing from the DMV area.

In 2011, he released a mixtape, ‘Da’ C.T. Project.’ In 2013, he dropped the street tape ‘Money Matters.’ Now, years later, Chuck Da Arsonist is returning to the place where he grew his musical roots for upcoming debut record, ‘Welcome Me Home.’ The album is a concept album of sorts, one by a man that recognizes his purpose in life and what life has brought him. It’s an honest record, written by a man who’s been through struggle and a broken home. The new collection of songs is street life entangled with stories of love, break-ups, and partying. It’s masterful storytelling, one reminiscent of the best 90s hip-hop that has now gone down in legend.

Chuck Da Arsonist is an entertainer that should be watched closely in the coming years.  With the new 2017 single "Blow" Chuck is prepared to take things to a whole different level. This time not only bringing you something for the street but something for the club too. Moving on, his successful solo endeavors in places and networks like New York, Texas, and California are microcosms of his success to come. Having already performed at the world-renowned Apollo Theater in New York and the ;Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C, he’s built up quite a repertoire of recordings and live performances already.


"Music is all that I know! This is what I live, sleep, eat, breathe. There is no one person that can live their life without music because it's universal. This is what keeps me being a voice to the people. We are all going through the same struggle one way or another." - Chuck Da Arsonist

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